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From JP Bader>
Subject Re: [RT] My Flex journey.
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 13:38:22 GMT

There are 3 mainstream, commercially available tools, all offering
some semblance of free (for 30 days): Flashbuilder (based on Eclipse)
[1], Powerflasher FDT (based on Eclipse)  [2], IntelliJ IDEA 11 (not
based on Eclipse)  [3].  In addition, folks (on OSX) have been known
to use TextWrangler, TextMate, vim, and even a few other tools that
are less well known, commercially.  And on Windows there is a Visual
Studio plugin for Flex.  I cannot speak for Linux (Oleg?).

I do not believe Apache Flex has spoken (or would subscribe to) a
specific tool.  Apache Flex is made up of developers from all walks of
life from around the world, so I think it's safe to assume that any
tool that can work with the framework would suffice (some maybe better
than others, but preference plays a large role).  Adobe pushes [1],
Powerflasher pushes [2], and JetBrains pushes [3].

There are myriad sources available to help you figure out the basics,
the intermediates, and the advanceds.  Glad to have you joining the
ranks, and please don't be afraid to use lord Google for searching.




On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 5:37 AM, Kiel <> wrote:
> Hi Martin & Alain,
> Information is Awesomeness XD.
> Now I need to look for the tools...
>    `Tools` to be used are of User preference. Use tools where one is most
> comfortable with.
> [Current Status]
>    + Java knowledge
>    + ActionScript 3 knowledge
>    - Tools ( Undecided )
> Question:
> 1. What is Preferred tool (IDE) `for Flex` development?
>    1.1 Does the Apache Flex community have a preferred tool?
>    1.2 I'm a stingy person what are my alternatives?
> 2. Where to get the tools?
> Thanks to both. Learned a lot today.
> --
> Kiel
> On 3/30/2012 4:40 PM, Martin Heidegger wrote:
>> I assume you mean with "for Flex" that you want to improve the SDK:
>> If you want to participate in helping with the Flex SDK then you should be
>> aware that the different systems are written in different languages.
>> Basic tools are a Text Editor and a Version Control system such as SVN or
>> Git and a web browser :-). If you are working with code it makes your life
>> easier if you use a IDE/Texteditor with support for the particular language.
>>  The compiler (that makes .swf/.swc files out of  AS3/MXML/CSS) is written
>> in Java and you need a Java Development Kit (JDK) for it. If you want to
>> improve it you need to know Java.
>>  The libraries (that allow to show buttons and alike) are written in
>> ActionScript 3. You need the SDK's compiler to compile those classes. There
>> are various SDK's for ActionScript.
>>  The documentation (that shows up in the generated docs) is written using
>> asdoc annotation (another java tool from the SDK) in ActionScript files and
>> those are mixed with XML files.
>> Flex further uses build scripts (code that generates various parts of the
>> SDK). They are written in ANT (a java based tool, not part of the SDK).
>> IDE's for Java
>>  Eclipse
>>  IntelliJ IDEA
>>  NetBeans
>>  ...
>> IDE's for AS3
>>  FlashDevelop
>>  FlashBuilder (based on Eclipse)
>>  FDT (based on Eclipse)
>>  IntelliJ IDEA
>>  Rase (based on a IntelliJ tool)
>> TextEditors with AS3 support
>>  Sublime
>>  Emacs
>>  ...

JP Bader
Zavteq, Inc.
@lordB8r |

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