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From jude <>
Subject Re: Halo x Spark
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 03:34:56 GMT
On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 7:20 AM, s├ębastien Paturel

> For easy skining, we can create a new component lib, based on Spark wich
> could expose same skin settings than MX ones do.
> That would not be so much work to do and it could give back the easy
> skining ability we liked with MX.
> MX components would stay in SDk only for backward compatibility.

This would be a very good idea. Spark skinning is in it's infancy as far as
I'm concerned. Yes it has unlimited potential but it only has a handful of
components and skins and in those it only exposes a handful of properties
and styles and in those it only provides a narrow way to configure them. I
tend to agree that it takes a hardcore component developer to create skins
(when you look at it from the outside in). Or maybe to put it another way
it takes a hardcore component developer to know how easy somethings are to

I like a comment made before that there are component developers and there
are app developers (and even there are designers) using Flex.

Possible solutions would be:
* create new Spark skins with same styles and properties as mx (same as
s├ębastien said). See below**
* allow components to accept old school movieclip skins for example:
    disabledSkin: Embed(source="flex_skins.swf",
    downSkin: Embed(source="flex_skins.swf", symbol="PopUpButton_upSkin");
    overSkin: Embed(source="flex_skins.swf",
    upSkin: Embed(source="flex_skins.swf", symbol="PopUpButton_upSkin");
  note: I don't know if this is possible now as I don't do them this way
* allow skins to be defined inline in MXML. I've tried to do this and it
makes the code so much more readable. I haven't been successful in this if
it's possible except in some cases like skin class factories???
* proxy nested skinClass' to the owner component. when you have a datagrid
component with a skin class that defines 10 skins inside of it it would be
much more readable if you could define the nested skinClass on it's own. So
DataGrid would have <s:DataGrid headerSkinClass="myHeaderSkinClass"
separatorSkinClass="mySeparatorSkinClass" />. Right now it's a mix of
exposed and hardcoded values.
* never hard code. hardcoding is the source of all the problems in the
world imho.
* allow FXG based skins (not based on UIComponent). These would be
lightweight but not sure what you would lose.
* educate on the skinning process
* finally, work on a design view that would obfuscate all these issues.
i've been working on something like this but can't do it on my own, it's
unclear how to recruit help for it and without knowing where apache flex
project is going is also an issue. so for this of course i can't provide
much help.

Judah Frangipane

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