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From Nicholas Kwiatkowski <>
Subject Re: LCCS discontinued - infamous decision for Adobe clients
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:03:37 GMT

Adobe has stated that they have no intentions in donating anything to do
with LCCS, and they are making no plans or efforts to open-source anything
to do with LCCS.  They feel that it was a hosted ("rented") service, and
they have no obligation to do it.  A few of us have already asked the
questions to Adobe, and they have repeated the same line.

There are workable solutions that you can build with other products -- FMS,
Wowza, Red5 -- for just about everything except for the screen sharing.  A
few people have popped up talking about ways around that that usually
involve external Java libraries.

Aside from writing your own client code -- installing a Red5 server in AWS
and having it serve your content there is actually cheaper than LCCS for
most cases.


On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 9:46 AM, sébastien Paturel

> @All
> If Adobe is able to open source (at least a part of) LCCS lib like for
> example the client side AS3 components and the FMS server side code
> Is it a stupid idea to propose to add it to the apache flex? Maybe we
> could replace the FMS server side dependency with a blazeDS based server
> side (dont know at all if it makes sense)
> and thus combining LCCS client side AS3 components (open source by Adobe,
> dont think theres third party license issue for that part) with blazeDS
> server side, we could get powerfull real time features all opensourced in
> Apache. and no matter what happens to FMS in the future.
> Maybe im dreaming a bit, but what you thing of it?
> for example will blazeDS be donated to apache as a separated project or
> will it be included in Apache flex?
> because smaller project like this may not get a big enough community to be
> a full standalone apache project, but if its included in flex powerfull
> community it will help.
> @Giorgo
> sounds interresting but:
> What is your already complete solution?
> Where can we find infos about it?
> What server side technology is it based on? FMS?
> @Jitendra Jain
> Can you please provide the quote and source of such announcement?
> On my side i read that they will shut the service down december 31st, even
> for existing clients.
> And the third party license issues are expressed only as an issue about
> the option to open source LCCS, not as a reason to stop LCCS service.
> @gabriel
> Yes i already checked it. But tanks.
> I already sent an email to Jeff Stanier and am waiting for answer.
> The quote you provide is great but its not reassuring at all.
> Thing is they announce they will shutt all down with a fixed date, and
> then they try to find a smooth transition solution (which will take time to
> set up).
> A real professionnal timeline would be more to first search for a smooth
> transition, then announce the shut down date with the proper path to
> continue business for existing clients.
> After such a quote what should be my next move? Should i wait Adobe and
> Jeff to find a smooth solution but without knowing when this solution will
> be available, and even not knowing if it will never be available?
> During that wait the clock is ticking and theres only 9 month to set up a
> solution.
> Or should i start to take a lot of unpaid time to search and test any
> other alternative, to finally see Adobe coming with a convenient smooth
> solution 3 month later?
> @jain saurabh
> Red5 or wowza or other are more low level solutions, and before getting a
> perfectly working solution to replace high level components of LCCS it will
> take a lot of work only to get things work as before.
> Thanks All for you replies
> Le 30/03/2012 14:55, Jitendra Jain a écrit :
>  Adobe has already said that it is going to support already existing
>> clients
>> even after discontinuing. Moreover this decision, which they have taken is
>> because of third party license issues.  It sounds more valid to me.
>> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Gabriel De Repentigny<
>> gabriel.derepentigny@** <>>
>>  wrote:
>>  What shoudl i do now when im a freelance and my clients app will stop
>>>> running at the end of the year, and have no clear alternative?
>>> If you haven't seen it already, you may want to check the LCCS forum at
>>> Adobe. There are several threads where people are discussing LCCS
>>> alternatives and how to transition to them.
>>> Also, Jeff Stanier from Adobe has a thread on that topic here:
>>> He even gives out his email address in case you want to contact him
>>> directly and discuss your concerns (though I've no idea if that'll do any
>>> good). Perhaps the most encouraging part of the thread is where he says:
>>> "I hear you and Adobe hears you and we are taking a look at some other
>>> possible options to ease your transition from LCCS. This research will
>>> take
>>> some time but we will work as quickly as possible."
>>> For your sake, hopefully that means they'll find a way to either transfer
>>> most of the LCCS technology to someone else to run it or else donate it
>>> to
>>> the community.

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