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From Omar Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: Actionscript workers and async locking?
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 16:20:34 GMT
On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 9:11 AM, Left Right <> wrote:

> > Suddenly you have a huge mess of callbacks you have to reorganize.
> No, I don't have a mess, I keep my code well organized. On the contrary,
> Spicefactory code is always a mess, from the very start and it's not
> possible to fix.

Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've always thought it
was a good solution, and not because of their advertising but because of my
years of using it.

> What you call "very easily" is your perception of reality, because
> operating plain event handlers is, in fact, much easier then what Parsley
> offers.The very simple proof to it is the reduced code surface (when not
> using Parsley), improved intellisense (when not using Parsley),

Yep, that's my opinion. Sure event handlers are native, but following one
callback into another callback into another callback, to me, is more
cumbersome than looking at 3 lines of code, one after the other, and know
they are being executed in that order.

> conscious
> and well accepted techniques employed for writing the code (bizarre / not
> idiomatic techniques are used in Parsley, they borrow heavily from other
> languages and environments

Weren't you used proposing earlier we borrow from Erlang?

> , but are foreign to AS3 / Flash), improved
> debugging abilities (when not using Parsley).
> People often times want to believe every single thing written on the
> internet - Parsley advertising Parsley is just another random writing on
> the internet, as baseless and pointless as your next Myspace profile.

I don't know what MySpace has to do with anything, and I do not work for
Parsley nor have I ever so I don't know what Parsley advertising has to do
with anything. I'm speaking from a few years of experience in using Parsley
for lots and lots of projects over the years. I couldn't care less what
anyone says about their frameworks, its my experience using those
frameworks that molds my perception of them.

> This
> doesn't apply to Parsley exclusively. At the same measure it applies to
> every "microacitecture framework", because architecture cannot be canned in
> the form of a library that you plug to your project. You will get spaghetti
> code with or without using any "microacitecture framework" with exactly the
> same probability.

I disagree. Frameworks help me to abstract common patterns so that I can
concentrate my brain cycles on the more important minutia of app building.
As they say, different strokes for different folks.


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