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From Om <>
Subject Re: Here Comes MXMLC!
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 19:56:30 GMT
Great news, Alex!  This is a big step forward for sure :-)

I have some questions on the CFF Font embedding issue.

2) CFF Font Embedding is not being donated.  The source code is not under
> control of the Flex team at Adobe.  This means that you won’t be able to
> compile
>    @font-face(“somefile.ttf”); embedAsCFF:true
> For now, you can use the JAR files from a full Adobe Flex release.  You
> can also use the fontswf utility or Adobe CS products to make a SWF with a
> CFF font in it and embed from there.  We will try to figure out a better
> solution later.  We decided not to delay the compiler donation for this
> issue.

Can you please elaborate on this?  Does this mean that it wont be possible
to compile a font with mxmlc going forward?  That is a big deal.  And this
also means that we wont be able to use TLF as well?

If I understand it correct, your workaround is as follows:

1.) Use the FontSwf utility (available here:
to convert a single font (.ttf or .otf)  file into a font.swf file
2.  Embed the font.swf file into the targeted Flex application.
3.  Use the Font as usual in the Flex application

Please confirm.

More questions:

1. Do we get the source code for FontSwf? (I am guessing not...)

2. Will it be okay to distribute FontSwf (binary) along with Apache Flex?

3. I see that FontSwf is only for users of the MPL version of the Flex
SDK.  This clause needs to changed to make it work with Apache Flex, right?

4. In the long run, do you think it is possible to wire MXMLC with the
FontSwf utility internally, so that end users dont have to jump through
these hoops to embed fonts?

5.  You said:

> For now, you can use the JAR files from a full Adobe Flex release.

What does 'for now' mean?  I am guessing we dont have the license for the
JAR file.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Michael A. Labriola <> wrote:

> >Today we finally got the last blocking legal issue resolved and are now
> hunting down executives to sign the appropriate documents to submit the
> source code for MXMLC to Apache.  The final signature has to come >from a
> VP who is on vacation this week, but we are going to try to get him to sign
> from where ever he is.  Yes, there is still some chance of a glitch in the
> approvals, but it is low probability.
> Alex,
> Interesting news. I am obviously interested in getting my hands on this. I
> am concerned about the tests but we will just have to figure it out.
> Mike

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