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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Flex and names spaces in MXML
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 01:39:48 GMT

> After all, I seriously think that what namespace there should be is
> irrelevant, the actual task is to make it so it is most flexible.
Which I agree with and and as a first step which was trying to remove the namesapce URL from
the MXML code. In AS you use package names via import to specify which say List class you
want to use - no namespace URI's required. I think you may be confusing packages with namesapces
or perhaps I said wasn't clear enough?

Do you have an alternative suggestion or way to achieve this simply in MXML?

> but it absolutely doesn't fit in other use cases.
You would only use the flex-config.xml file if you were using the Flex SDK. If you didn't
use it it would have no effect. What other use cases exist that would use the flex-config.xml

> As I mentioned above: UIComponent isn't a requirement for
> MXML, so, if, as you suggested before, these namespaces were defined in
> UIComponent, other legitimate uses would suffer from it because they would
> have to bring in UIComponent class,
Don't think that is the case either or rather depending on how you link in the SDK. Using
RSLs you get everything (but they can be cached so that's OK) with static linking you only
get the code you require no more and no less. Just because you using a name space doesn't
mean you suddenly link in every class in that namespace into your code. If your MXML uses
no mx classes you don't get any of them in your final swf.

Or am I missing your point her?

> Now, is there a particular class, which is a requirement for MXML? - no,
> there isn't any. So, you don't have a place to store these namespaces, even
> if it was somehow technically possible.
For generic MXML that is correct but for the Flex SDK there is ie flex-config.xml.


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