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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Language Reference Online Materials
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 22:50:08 GMT

The Spoon project is looking into doing some work around documentation but in general we all
are responsible for the documentation.

> - if I find documentation related bugs, who do I tell about it?
Tell the list and/or raise a JIRA issue and if you can provide a patch.

Most of the documentation is generated from ASDoc from source code. While the asdocs hasn't
been donated yet is should be soon and I see no reason why we can commit (to the patches branch)
changes to comments in code.

> - What is the status of all the AIR classes, that extend framework classes?
I believe these have already been donated take a look at the airframwork directory in frameworks/projects.

> This is not strictly speaking a documentation issue, but, considering that
> WindowedApplication depends on mx.core.Application, which is under control
> of Apache (now / soon), how is that going to be resolved? has been donated and can be found at /src/mx/core in the above project

> - I'm not in favor of doing changes, if it's not absolutely needed, but
> ASDoc is a... *sigh* well, it's easier to throw away, then to fix it
ASdocs is currently useful so until something better comes along I don't think it should be
thrown away. The compiler can output XML version of the docs which may be useful. This is
how the FAT swf that Flash Builder uses for documentation are created. 

> really... I mean, of course it kind of works, but the HTML output it
> generates is of so very low quality,
If you referring to the templates, navigation etc once the asdoc  directory is donated I'm
sure we can do some work on that. You might want to take a look at the asdoc/templates directory
in the open source version of the SDK . It generates the HTML from  XSLT templates.

> - There was that AIR program used for aggregated documentation of all Adobe
> products.
I have no idea if this will be donated, not sure if it's even on the "list".

> - Are there any ideas about what / what kind of documentation / user
> interaction is Apache going to provide to the users? Is it going to
> leverage user manuals?
I think someone involved with Spoon project might be able  answer that in a bit more detail
as I think they have some ideas about that going forward.


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