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From Robert Smith <>
Subject Re: Actionscript workers and async locking?
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2012 18:42:00 GMT
Hi Cosma,

It sounds like you really can't do much about the timing of your 
bootstrap if one call is dependent upon the result of your prior call. 
Even if you had threads available, you'd be waiting the same amount of 
time.  So, I'm thinking the best you're going to get at this point is 
some nice code organization that is easy to follow. Here are some 
resources I've found helpful.

Cairngorm 3 Task framework -
PureMVC (framework dependent) -
Robotlegs (framework dependent) -


On 3/23/2012 7:19 AM, Cosma Colanicchia wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestions, in fact I wrote some classes to help
> managing a set of parallel/sequence remote invocations (e.g. lanch
> multiple methods sequentially or in parallel, and notify me with the
> results at the end).
> However, the problem usually arise when the next invocation is based
> on the result of the previous. In my experience, even a simple linear
> algorithm (something like "if f(x) return g(x) else return h(x)" with
> f, g and h being async operations) usually become more difficult to
> read when async operations are involved. Without worker threads, I
> understand the technical problem and accept the complexity.. with
> worker threads available, it would be difficult to justify it.
> I don't know in details the async chaining facilities of the framework
> you mentioned, I'm looking into them, do you have any reference to
> help me find them?
> Cosma
> 2012/3/23 Robert Smith<>:
>> eems like most of your problem could be solved through code. When I'm
>> bootstrapping an application, I use a task framework to handle multiple
>> remoting calls. Most of them have asynchronous tasks. Cairngorm 3, PureMVC,
>> and Robotlegs all have asynchronous task components available, and I imagine
>> the problem has been solved in other frameworks as well. You usually end up
>> with some main task class that has a list of subtasks, which can by
>> asynchronous or synchronous, or run in sequence or parallel. PureMVC's
>> implementation is particularly well done.

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