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From James Cowan <>
Subject Re: Haxe and Flex
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 14:22:58 GMT

that is a good summary and yes it sounds like a massive amount of work.

I have never seen an open source MXML compiler but I have seen XAML open 
source compilers.
extras/mxml.xsd seems to have disappeared but this project 
( seems to be useful.


On 13/03/2012 14:01, Arnoud Bos wrote:
> On Mar 13, 2012, at 1:17 PM, James Cowan wrote:
>> MXML/AS3/Flex are conceptually identical to XAML/C#/WPF. They borrow a lot of ideas
from previous XML UI technologies.
>> MXML/haXe/Flex does sound quite viable.
> Sure, it could be done. But i guess someone should be willing to port the actionscript
> A mapping on haxe-nme should be possible as it implements the flash displaylist.
> some challenges here:
> ==================
> - the code base is huge
> - bindings. Could be solved with macro's i hope
> - embed and other metadata. Could be solved with macro's i guess
> - actionscript has 4 access modifiers, haxe only public and private
> - namespaces are not present in Haxe, not sure how to solve that
> - E4X, but i'm not sure how much this is used in the SDK.
> - uint data type although i 99.9% of the cases it can be mapped on a
>    Haxe Int (i just ported a SHA256 from actionscript to haxe that used uints and it
> - AND Probably MANY issues that i forgot to mentio here...
> But, if you want to do that it's probably best to extend the as3hx project (see haxe
trunk) which
> does basic translation from as3 to haxe and try to solve those issues described above
in an automated way.
> IF you could solve all those isuess in an automated way then you could every time the
> trunk changes generate an automated haxe port :-)
> so if you got that all working, which would take a while then you could at least test
performance etc.
> If that's ok then the fun part. Write a MXML (or Haxe Markup Language :-) compiler front
end for haxe...
> It would be a massive amount of work and i didn't mention the hard things like modules,
resource bundles, runtime libs, swc's etc.
> But indeed it would be very nice!
> cheers,
> arnoud
>> The issue is that both Silverlight and Flash are dieing and haXe represents a future
for Flex because it is clever cross compiler
>> technology that targets lots of platforms - native o/s including mobile via nme/cpp,
vm via neko, browser via js and swf and in time java/c#.
>> The problem with haXe is that a language/compiler is only a part of a development
environment - libraries/frameworks for persistence and GUI
>> are as important. If I could develop in haXe and use a haXe enabled Flex as my GUI
framework and a haXe enabled ORM (on the lines of
>> JPA/Hibernate) as my persistence framework and then could target desktop/javascript/swf/mobile
from the same code base, that would be awesome
> I like haxe's own SPOD implementation
>> It may be a pipe dream if every library has to be rewritten at the source level and
I can understand anyone baulking at that. I will ask Nicolas
>> if there might be a way of interfacing Flex or say Hibernate (when the java target
is ready) without rewrite at source level. I imagine he will
>> point at the migration tools and say that once the migration from AS3 to haXe is
done, one would dump the AS3 code.
>> I live in the town where "Flash on the Beach" had its last year - there was a big
local Flash community but now it has moved on to Javascript (with canvas)
>> and to mobile and they are much more interested in HaXe/Corona/Titanium/Marmalade
than Flex/Air mobile.
>> Java/Swing failed on the desktop and the browser (applets) mainly because of runtime
issues (and competition from Microsoft/Apple) and I would be sorry to see Flex die because
the runtime (Flash) died under it.
>> I would certainly see a future for Flex on Flash/Air technology if Adobe donated
the defunct Air for Linux to Apache and Apple issued a statement embracing it
>> on OSX but I do not see this happening soon.
> Air and flash runs on osx / IOS, so why bother?
>> James

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