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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Language Reference Online Materials
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 12:04:41 GMT

> Finally, no help is distributed with SDK today. I mean, of course there is
> documentation in the source code and it is available as code hinting by
> using "fat swcs", but there's no separate body of documentation (although,
> there is ASDocs target in the framework builds).
The ASdoc directory builds a set of documentation in HTML from the source code (look at it's
build.xml). The "fat swcs" are generated from the normal framework SDK build process.

The generated HTML docs are comprehensive and more than helpful. I'm really not sure what
the issue is here.

> Is Apache Flex going to provide Flex language reference as a separate download

As far as it being a separate download from Apache I'd assume that is possible in the future
(as well as compiled builds), currently it's early days and the infrastructure hasn't been
set up yet (and we're waiting on donating of the asdoc directory).

If there's an issue with the current documentation please contribute something. If you have
any questions or need help in doing so just ask I'm sure there's people (including myself)
willing to help. It wouldn't be too hard to take what we currently have and produce it in
another format pdf, epub book, android app etc etc

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