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From Jeremy Tellier <>
Subject Re: [RT] Design View in FlashBuilder
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:37:33 GMT
I second that.

Om <> wrote:

>This is a wonderful concept - building Flex apps using Flex :-)  Sign me
>The Flex design view is a MUST have feature in my opinion.  I would be glad
>to work here on Apache Flex or on with FDT separately as needed .
>On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 11:01 AM, Alan Klement <> wrote:
>> Consider this an informal introduction ;)
>> I'm Product Manager for FDT and I have been keeping an eye on the list
>> and even had some communication with the Spoon team. I can say that we
>> are interested in working with Apache Flex when it comes to tooling
>> support. That is really another conversation for another time;
>> however, I want to speak to this topic, the Flex Design View ,
>> specifically.
>> We have been working on the 5.1 release of FDT. A flagship feature of
>> this release will be our SWFBridge plugin architecture. When designing
>> this feature, a use case I had was to allow anyone to create their own
>> Design View.
>> To enable this, we have exposed most of FDT's internals. You get
>> everything from workspace / file management, editors, UI and even the
>> model (AST) of any project. Best of all, this is geared toward
>> Flash/Flex developers. You don't write your plugins in Java
>> (EclipseRCP), but in Actionscript & Flex.
>> To give an idea of the power of this, you could build almost every
>> feature of FDT (and more) with this plugin architecture.
>> I would love to provide support to whomever is interested in building
>> such plugins (e.g. Design View). I have already begun setting up a
>> Google Group and git repositories to specifically work with plugin
>> developers.
>> If you are interested in getting involved, please respond. Depending
>> on the interest (and rules of the list), we can see if discussions
>> take place here, directly with me or via the Google Group I already
>> set up.
>> Alan
>> On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Michael A. Labriola
>> <> wrote:
>> > We may want to consider a design tool eventually that is written
>> differently. However, the current one will not work in the current form for
>> any modifications we make. Why they would or would not donate it is not
>> something I can address, but wanted to give you some sense of the reality
>> of the tool
>> --
>> Alan
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