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From "Rui Silva" <>
Subject RE: [CODE] Short cleanup
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:47:53 GMT
-------- Original Message --------
> From: "David Arno" <>
> I suspect that asking him to leave is as unhelpful to the group as the
> original rudeness. The gentle way I was asked to tone down my language
> without any accompanying threats is probably the best way to keep us 
> "colourful" folk in line I think.
> David. 

I was actually very politely asking him to leave if he does feel that he 
cannot keep with a positive tone towards the group. It was not a threat as 
the only person I sometimes threaten is my son and even then it very rarely 
has the effect I expected it to have.

Anyway, you are right, it was probably not the best choice of words and I 
apologize for that. I do hope that Oleg doesn't leave because he really 
knows this stuff inside out and backwards. Loosing him would be bad for the 
project, but we must strive to make an extra effort to keep our messages in 
check for even the slightest idea of rudeness, risking long discussions and 
people not seeing beyond the perceived rudeness and thus loosing possibly 
valuable contributions.

There really is a huge advantage to being polite, especially in a mediated 
environment like a mailing list where we don't see the people we're talking 


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