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From "Michael A. Labriola" <>
Subject Compiler Array Implementation ( was Adobe / Apache / Spoon Flex Tour )
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2012 18:42:25 GMT
>The current implementation is that all tags are encoded into an array that gets interpreted
during a method call in the lifecycle of the container so it can be intercepted or the array
can be modified up front.  There are >plans for an API for manipulating the array.  It
turned out to be much faster to read the array than a data structure.

>But it is just a stake in the ground and can certainly be changed.


Is it possible for you to discuss this more here without violating NDAs, etc. with Adobe.
To be very clear, I am currently working on the research before implementing a series of compiler
changes geared toward run-time performance gains for the framework. I also plan on implementing
several features that I have wanted for a while. To that end, I will soon be addressing the
way the code gen occurs from MXML as this is a pain point for me. I am hoping to get some
of the thoughts you have already on this. 

If that's not practical, when I start modifying code, I can just ask for your comments. Right
now I am planning on putting this in github as I am modifying the existing compiler bits which
are not yet relicensed, approved and in SVN here... so, I think it is ill-advised to commit
that here. As soon as those bits are here, I will merge and leave the primary storage in my
whiteboard but I don't want to wait to move on this.


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