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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: TLF and Flex (was Re: [jira] [Updated] (FLEX-23) Add support for newer versions of the Text Layout Framework to build scripts)
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 01:01:31 GMT

On 2/28/12 4:47 PM, "" <> wrote:

> I'm confused. TLF was one of the features that I thought was most important
> for the new enterprise development and I'm hearing it was an addition to the
> sdk not flash player.
TLF is an actionscript library that utilizes the Flash Text Engine that was
introduced in FP10.

> My (non rhetorical) question to the group is: what
> features have been added to the _player_ that we as flex developers use?
All kinds of features have been added to the player that are leveraged by
the Flex SDK.  Touch and gestures, text layout, text input, mouse handling,
keyboard, focus, filters, blend modes, network i/o.
> What I am getting at is: what are we losing per se with adobe focusing on
> gaming? 
Adobe is not planning to remove APIs from the player for SWF version 13 and
below, so we should not be losing anything.  Gaming might make further
improvements to the player, and Apache Flex may or may not be able to
leverage those.  That's why I have said many times that we have to live with
the current player, and I think we can.

> I can see that flash in the browser has challenges ahead, but AIR
> doesn't seem to. No?
Well, Adobe was able to package your AIR app with the AIR runtime and get it
to run on IOS.  But I would say there are size and performance issues.  And
that only happened because Apple backed down on its restrictions.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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