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From Duane Nickull <>
Subject Re: SEO for SWF Was: Flash Platform roadmap
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 18:19:07 GMT

On 12-02-28 10:06 AM, "jude" <> wrote:
>Here is my comment [2].
>I think SEO search results come down to popularity. Is everyone linking to
>your page? It might have something to do with Google analytics. How long
>people stay on your page.

DN: Amen brother!  That is correct.
>But as a content creator I think it's up to the search engine to find and
>index my site. I'm not going to do the search engines job. It's their job
>to find my site and index it. That doesn't mean I won't help them.
DN: now you're two for two in my books.  They usually do this based on
everyone else linking.  The best way to force google to index a site is to
use blogger and build links.  Google owns blogger and it seems to work
much faster for indexing than other blog platforms.
>I think if we focused on making amazing Flash and Flex websites that
>want to visit the search engine companies would spend more time on making
>their search engines work with it.
DN; now 3 for 3 in my books.
>€ Link Manager type of support with some or all of the below [3] [4] [5]
>€ Site map that has user URL and content URL
>€ Site map that has flash / ajax enabled URL, html page URL and content
>With both of the above solutions we could create or have a gui to create a
>sitemap.xml file that defines the fragments our apps listen for and the
>redirect links to get the raw content. We could also have the compiler or
>ant task support the creation of multiple HTML wrapper pages that are
>identical to the main wrapper page except in their name and / or the
>of embedding the content into the page (if html) or if dynamic content it
>would point to a dynamic page.

DN: This is perhaps one of the first solid ideas I have heard. This might
involve extensions to the site map.xml (I haven't looked at it for a
while) but very well worth the time.  Being able to map to a page that has
state 1, state 2 and state 3, but 2 and 3 are not put into active memory
until the app is interacted with is problematic.  Authoring using the deep
linking is much better IMO as it adheres to the one resource <-> one URI

Now this comes back to the original question of "what can be done on this
list via the SDK?".  Being able to generate this artifact would be a good
idea IMO.


>Example sitemap.xml
>  <page name="home" url="" rawcontent="
>" html=""
>  <page name="products" url=""
>Site.xml ex 2
>  <page name="home" url="" ajax="
>" />
>  <page name="products" url="" ajax="
>" />
>If we supported something like this and just started using and uploading
>in our projects it might remove the complexities for the search engines.

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