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From Duane Nickull <>
Subject Re: SEO for SWF Was: Flash Platform roadmap
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 23:22:52 GMT
>I watched both videos.  I'm not sure why you think there isn't stuff that
>Flex can do better to assist in the better static indexing of content, and
>making the set links available to the search engines.  I thought there
>things that Ichabod needed help with (like getting past authentication,
>finding its way through custom navigation because it sometimes misses
>buttons, ignoring some buttons).
DN: I have never seen any evidence of google using content it can access.
Same for Bing and Yahoo.  Flex can basically give it 500 words but for
starters Google only takes 200 per site in most cases.  They can all get
text today, but the reality is they don't appear to use it.  I am not sure
how you think an SDK will force them to use it.

As for Authentication, most pages that require authentication are probably
not mean to be indexed as the human finding the link to it would face the
same challenge.  What would be the point?

Since search engines can already get the text, what more would you think
they want?  To be frank here, most text is ignored anyways, regardless of
it being in HTML or SWF.

I'll ask Adobe if I can make some of the tests we ran public to help clear
things up.



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