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From Maciek Sakrejda <>
Subject Re: Flex -> HTML, Linux and time to say goodbye?
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 17:36:44 GMT
> I like Flex because it has a simple configuration model (mxml) the
> configuration model is up until now one of the best I have seen (specially
> comparing it to other ones in the Java world). Binding, styling and State
> handling are also nice things. Internationalization and modularization are
> also awesome. All those things are NOT depending runtime. 99% of it is raw
> code. Very few is actually Flash Player specific - conceptually: Just when
> it comes to UserInterface things get tricky. Everything "not in the
> userinterface" can now be used "just fine" using redtamarin on linux and its
> like Nicolas says: 80% of a language can easily be implemented in a new
> compiler. Big parts of the code - many concepts.

So here's a crazy idea: target HTML5/JS by offering a strictly
headless Flex, and then fashion a new head out of native HTML/JS. Then
write a cross-compiler that will take non-rendering ActionScript code
and transform it into JS. At first glance that's preposterous: Flex is
a GUI framework. But there's also a ton of formatting and parsing
functions, i18n, data binding, RPC mechanisms, et cetera. Can we reuse
these, even if it's in a different front-end?

Also, when I look at my company's Flex codebase, there's a fair amount
of UI code, sure, but the majority is intricate business logic. It's
the thought of rewriting this business logic that scares me--not of
rewriting the views (maybe having a decent architecture based on
RobotLegs and dependency injection helps here). If we can find a
reasonable way to expose the ActionScript guts to a native HTML5/JS
front-end, I think that would be the most sensible solution for us.

Of course, if we talk about dumping all Flex display code, maybe this
is no longer a Flex framework project but an independent
ActionScript-to-JS cross-compiler (which may or may not support some
subset of the Flex framework). Still, it seems like it could be a
reasonable solution to a class of Flex applications.

Any thoughts?

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