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From jude <>
Subject Re: [IDEAS] Flex: New user interface design
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 07:38:04 GMT
I like the real world units idea. I don't know what it would involve to
apply it across the framework. Would it replace the use of setting to px or
compliment it? Would you go by millimeters or inches?

I think Adobe investigated this real world units. I don't know what
happened with it. It might have been part of the Flex Mobile SDK. BTW Was
that donated and if so Alex?

I think you'd have to have an accurate DPI value from Flash Player or AIR
to accomplish this correct?

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 1:43 PM, Erik Lundgren <> wrote:

> Dear list,
> I would like to spend some time thinking about the "high level" concepts
> in flex – the present and the not yet present.
> As I scribble in my notebooks my first halt seems to be the methodology
> used for UI-measurement, and I need some community input:
> Should Flex measure layouts in "real world units" or "device units"?
> UI layouts * should be tuned to the human motoric and sensory systems.
> This can be achieved through the use of "real world units" (myTouchButton
> always renders as 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm). If UI elements are laid out using
> "device units" (eg pixels) different screen densities distorts the layout
> experience as layouts are reused across screens (or print).
> * Layout = element size and position (and layering?).
> Compose layouts using some "real world unit" (I would promote points).
> Have Flex read the pixel density of the runtime screen and transpose the
> layout to "device units" (eg Pixels).
> The unit-translation-concept is present in flex today through the
> applicationDPI property on Application, but its implementation is not exact
> and based on the precondition that the FLEX can read correct screen ppi
> values from its runtime. Sadly, this is not always the case.
> Present runtime: The flash class Capabilities seems to be reading the
> operating systems abstractions of "real world units". On my computer (mac)
> flash reads the screen ppi value as 72 px/inch. In reality my screens
> density is 113 px/inch. This problem seems to be present on windows and
> mobile operating systems as well.
> Possible future runtimes: On the HTML/CSS stack new "resolution" media
> queries seems to be implemented. On the "native" stacks implementations
> seems to be able to read the correct screen ppi values, though the web is
> full of issues with broken values returned by drivers etc.
> If there is no way to implement the unit-translationsolution described
> above, Flex should implement some other concept for laying out UI elements.
> I've done research but some community input would be great: Can we find
> reliable bridges between flex and the ppi values of the screen that renders
> it? Thoughts?
> All the best
> /Erik

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