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From Bruce Lane <>
Subject Re: [discussion]Thoughts on immediate future of Flex
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 16:40:41 GMT
I would use AIR as it runs on the platforms and projects you need, and
I would have faith in the wonderful apache flex community.

On 3 February 2012 17:26, filippo dipisa <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I want to rise some thoughts on the immediate future of Flex, considered by
> the Java world side
> At the moment we are using Flex 4.5, parsley, bla bla bla, as the
> presentation layer of some JEE  applications as I think many of you are
> doing.
> 1)My problem is, if you have to start a greenfield project web based, would
> you use Flex or go for another RIA solution like GWT that already targets
> html5?
> At the moment I think that many people out there they will try to avoid
> Flex because is Flashplayer driven, they don't trust Adobe anymore and  it
> is not supported by the tablet or /smartphones.
> And many others are strugglimg to make their webapp compatible with tablet
> or smartphone.
> 2)If you start a client(desktop)/server project should you use Scala and
> JavaFx( that now you can use also in Swing applications) or Flex and Air?
> At the moment few people is using JavaFx but could become popular because
> you can use it with Scala and Swing applications, boths are very popular
> into the enterprise development.
> 3)If you want to start a mobile or webtv project should we use Flex or
> Android?
> At the moment there are few webtv that supports the flashplayer 10.2, so
> even here if I need to target an application for a webtv my choice wouldn't
> be Flex at the moment.
> These questions are just to raise a discussion to understand what we have
> to do and where we want to go in order to compete with such above mentioned
> framework, and to convince the world outside to continue to start using
> Flex in the next year.
> I think this is very important to give back faith to Flex at this stage.
> Thanks a lot for your clarifications.
> Filippo

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