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From Jarosław Szczepankiewicz <>
Subject Re: will ever adobe give the flashplayer to the opensource comunity
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 12:01:09 GMT
the same is about all java ecosystem and .net ecosystem. I can not see
the difference. There is no serious alternative to Oracle Java and his
alternative OpenJDK (I know there is IBM but who uses is apart from
taking it as bonus to other software from IBM). So what's the noise
about that. I am sure that there will be (in my opinion in about 2
years) production ready translation from flex to HTML (5?), maybe
using the external libraries like extJS maybe some brand new
components. The challenges will be in debugging such thing but that's
another story. Personally I thing that one company controlling the
player is good thing. This is multimilion investment and no free (no
income) teams can build / maintain alternative to such big apis /

2012/2/3 filippo dipisa <>:
> Hi,
> I'm new to the list and wondering if you have ever discuss how to manage
> the fact that Flex is opensource but the Flashplayer isn't ( for my
> knowledge )
> All the others apache project are full opensource and with full control, so
> how this is going to work?
> What's happen if we think that we need to add a new feature to the
> flashplayer like the multithreading support for example, or something that
> needs to be fixed or uptated to the buggy flashplayer?
> I know that Adobe at the beginning has a team dedicated to this transition,
> but what about the future?
> Do we have always to relate to Adobe for any Flashplayer request?
> Thanks for any clarification.
> Filippo

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