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From Left Right <>
Subject Re: [OT] Flash Platform roadmap
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2012 15:41:10 GMT
Nick, it sounds like you've been doing corporative development for far too
long... it is painful, indeed, to hear the horrible stories of Apple
corporation in a battle of interests against Microsoft corporation and
Adobe getting in between the fires... but again, what you say about Linux
is said from a position of corporative logic, which does not apply in that
You wanted to develop flash runtime that has nice GUI, but no command line
interface for Linux - what for? having the exact opposite would be great
though. I would be indefinitely happy if I could run ActionScript w/o any
requirement of X-server! In fact, having to do the opposite is pain! It is
a complete misunderstanding of the audience. Why can't Flash runtime be
built for Linux same, as, for example, V8? Designers don't work on Linux
anyway, what does work there is the compilation servers, programmers and
robots :P
Same thing for code editors - really, very few Linux users even like reach
GUI stuff, you cannot "buy" votes in that audience by providing nice
graphics, because very few people care about that, but not being able to
incorporate Flash player in a testing process sucks.
After all, I'm sorry to say that, but even Gnome (which, in folklore is
called a toy desktop manager) has fewer bugs then whatever Window 7 is
using, so I'm not buying into the "difficult to build" agenda - it's
difficult, because little effort has been made. WinAPI isn't a walk in the
park either.

Just because I'm being a prick, OSS != free. More yet, OSS does not imply
free and free does not imply OSS. There is no contradiction in paying for a
program, that comes with sources, likewise, there's no contradiction in
giving a program for free, while not showing the sources. Not showing the
sources, in my opinion, is rude, but since a lot of companies do that (just
the same as a lot of people are rude), it's not possible to fight them all

PS. In any case, regardless of what we write here, it's all sort of flame,
and people who make these decisions probably aren't really interested in
even hearing points of view...



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