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From Erik Lundgren <>
Subject Re: [RT] From Singletons to Unit-testable code
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 15:01:01 GMT

8 feb 2012 kl. 15.25 skrev Michael A. Labriola:

> I am going to provide a version of the framework and compiler with a swappable, minimalistic
injection mechanism and perhaps some basic AOPish concepts like compile time mixins. [...]
The biggest problem in this approach is actually things like StyleManagement ...

Given some sort of native dependency management in the framework, do we really need styles?

To me CSS just ads complexity to the development-model – a third language/spec introduced
to act as a configuration pool for objects to reach out into and self-configurate (getStyle('myMagicString')).
And the process of maintaining "magical strings" is painful.

Could objects that need styles not be injected with value-objects written in MXML or ActionScript?

I don't know the DI-mechanism you had in mind, but given how Flex DI-frameworks handle things
today, we ought to be able to map objects to objects with the same amount of precision as
Flex css does today?

All the best!

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