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From Bryan Hunt <>
Subject Re: [RT] Awesome FlexNext User Experience (was: Starting with the Whiteboard code)
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 10:18:39 GMT
> I mean add-on / extension.
> Not every browser supports add-ons either tho. What I was thinking was a
> sidebar that showed something like the package explorer or even an
> extension that took, "http://localhost/my_application.mxml" and ran mxmlc
> on it (which then redirected to the generated html wrapper page).
> You would have to install the extension and also download the SDK for it to
> point to it but then you'd have the same ability to interpret a page on the
> fly (sic) that HTML developers have.

IMHO, this sounds like an elephant trying to pass itself off as a

Flash/Flex and HTML/JavaScript have completely different rationalle and
Use-Case; just as PHP/Drupal, Python/Django, and Scala/MongoDB have

In my Yoga class last night, Yogi told us 'the essence of being is just
to be, regardless'. Perhaps he was on to something.


Bryan Hunt

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