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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Status of INFRA-4380 (import of Adobe's JIRA database)
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:04:28 GMT

Good news.

> Ideally issues that don't overlap what's going to be imported, or we'll have to merge
after the import.
Ideally sure but then ideally the bug base would of been imported by now. I'm sure I'm not
the only person who want to contribute to improve the current Flex SDK by submitting patches
to the existing SDK. :-)

Given that the initial list of bugs to be imported is now about 3 weeks away and that's not
the full list (it's only the SDK bugs - please correct me if I wrong here) it's going to be
something like 4 or 5 weeks until we have JIRA containing a complete import of the Adobe bug
base. Do we just wait and only discuss changes to the SDK before then?

I'd love to see a monkey patch hunt operation, there's lots of wild bugs/fixes/patches out
there in google land (and elsewhere) could be tamed and submitted as patches to the SDK. This
would improve the quality, performance and robustness of the SDK and give a reason for using
it. Not to mention making RSLs actually useful (not framework signed one sadly). As they are
mostly small changes it would be easier to add them into the SDK. eg The patch I submitted
a couple of weeks back. (see 1 below)

So the question is now do we hold off submitting patches to know bugs (ie those documented
in Adobe's JIRA) until all of them have been imported or do we go ahead and enter patches
to bugs that might be duplicates and do a bit of cleanup after the real bugs imported. It's
a simple matter in JIRA to mark bugs as duplicates (assuming you have permission to do so).

What are other peoples view on this?



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