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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Code formatting for patch submissions
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 22:17:36 GMT

> Also wanted to say I could live with the formatting that's in the
> FlexFormatter settings you used.

I also prefer spaces over tabs but Adobe policy seems to be spaces. (In my experience spaces
tend to wonder off multiples of 4 over time and you get odd spacing).

Luckily most editors can convert on saving and most diff programs can ignore whitespace changes.

> My main thing is just that we have something and that we figure out the appropriate settings
for IntelliJ,
> Flash Develop and FDT as well as Flash Builder.

Does the property file help for IntelliJ or FDT? Someway to convert it to what they expect?
(I'm not familiar with how they store formatting values.)


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