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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Component creation workflow
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 00:52:30 GMT
On 2/27/2012 5:24 PM, Daniel Reicher wrote:
> I've seen pockets of discussion regarding component creation but nothing
> formalized (it seems) and I think it might be useful to have some process
> in place - even a loose one. For the purpose of opening a discussion, I'll
> use a mythical ProgressBar component...
  As I understand it; the Apache way is that "if it didn't happen on the 
list, it didn't happen."

  I expect most "new" component development will be done by people who 
have an "Itch to scratch."  and do something, then donate it.  It 
doesn't have to be a huge thing with tons of discussion before or 
after.  I don't think we need a huge central repository of 
pre-development docs; although I do believe it is important to have 

> Is there a list tag for discussing implementation/architecture for a
> specific component or piece of functionality?
  not explicitly, and I'm not sure if I would recommend creating / using 

> Is the current "group think" to continue the component, MXML Spark Skin,
> code-based/optimized Mobile Skin architecture?
  Lots of people are all over the place on this.  There has been some 
talk about building a whole new component architecture designed from the 
ground up for deployment to multiple platforms (Such as HTML/JS).

> How closely should a Spark component that has an mx equivalent adhere to
> the functionality of the mx component?
   It doesn't matter.  But if you feel something is missing in one or 
the other you are welcome to make updates and submit them.

> Should spark components have clean separation from the mx namespace?
  I thought they did?

> Should components be "allowed" to be mobile-only or desktop-only or should
> everything be available in both scenarios unless there is an extremely
> overwhelming rationale not to?
  We already have mobile only components; and "non-mobile" only 
components.  I think the answer of "Should this be allowed" is already 
addressed; because that is the way it is.  When you build a new 
component, build it for what you need.  IT can later be ported over to 
mobile or non-mobile at your discretion.

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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