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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject [RT] HTML - Strategies
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 16:59:17 GMT

... topic popping up more often than not. haXe follows some concept that 
I found being well summarized by Aral Balkan [1]:

"Embracing Write Once, Compile Anywhere, not Write Once, Run Anywhere."

I think that is a great concept: "compile anywhere". What keeps us from 
compiling AS3/mxml to JavaScript:

    - Code written in MXML / AS3: No arguing about that, AS3 doesn't 
work in HTML, whats possible to do?
        * Write a compiler that compiles to multiplatforms
        * Rewrite everything to a language that compiles to multiplatforms

        I tend to stick on the first because I quite like AS3.

    - Code depending on FlashPlayer structures
        * Separate compatible from non-compatible code segments in Flex
        * Find ways to implement *useful* Flash Player structures for 
other platforms to reduce (not eliminate) platform specific code.

       No need to wait for a new compiler to talk about that.

    - Having code that works well in a HTML/JavaScript context: Many 
concepts good for FP are not good in html:
       * Examine possible concepts
       * Try different implementations
       * Learn from others mistakes

      No need to wait for the code to be done.

its not so "difficult" to do that, someone just needs to get started imho.



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