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From Nicolas Cannasse <>
Subject Re: Flex adopting haXe ?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 16:00:28 GMT
Le 22/02/2012 13:09, Carlos Rovira a écrit :
> Now haXe has evolved great and Apache Flex could go the haXe way to be a
> real open source framework that does not depend only in Adobe's runtime.
> The problems behind : This way is hard, but feasible, and take into account
> that principal actors using Flex nowadays are IT departments of huge
> organizations and enterprise customers that need a viable migration path to
> all applications deployed until now.
> We must to take into account, that Flex is MXML and AS3 right now. People
> that wants to move from adobe flex sdk latest sdk (4.6) to apache flex,
> need a migration path that could be done with more or less pain. If we
> chage in a radical manner and adobe sdk and apache flex sdks is radicaly
> different, we could loose in the process lots of users.

Hi Carlos, long time no talk ;)

While not being myself a Flex user, I definitely understand your point 
here. Things needs to be done carefully, and you need a plan for that.

However it's not like all flex users will have to switch to haXe either. 
Rewriting Flex in haXe would allow people to use haXe, and I guess you 
would also need it to target JS/HTML5, but you could also give AS3 users 
a precompiled SWC that would work exactly the same for them as if if was 
written in AS3.

Looks like a migration plan does it ?


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