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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: Flex adopting haXe ?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 11:35:40 GMT
Hello Nicolas,

Thank you, I can only speak on my behalf but I think its a very nice 
post. I have tried to get into haXe in the beginning and was thrilled 
but I was never able to get the companies I worked in to use haXe. I 
know that haXe has a lot of features that AS3 doesn't have. Particularly 
"using" is just plain awesome. Others are debatable like 
typedef+interfaces or the notation for properties.

However I used ActionScript a lot in the past years and found ways to 
work with it that are unlike the work with haXe because when I recently 
tried out haXe again I was bothered by a few language features that I 
use heavily in ActionScript and have not found a good equivalent in haXe 
(in other words: they are missing in haXe - aren't they?):

  *) Standalone variables/constants/function files outside of a class 
context. I found them very liberating and as far as I can tell: haXe 
only allows class/ENum/ alike.
  *) e4x: Its such a pleasure to use in AS3.
  *) Default initialized properties:
      class ABC {
          public var x: int = 1;
  *) Working "this" in function references: Using function references 
has become such a normal thing in AS3 that I wouldn't know how to 
implement a similar design with without them.
*) Namespaces: While I don't "like" namespaces particularly, porting 
Flex to haXe might be difficult without it.

There are other features in the compiler that are worth talking about 
that I am sure would be reasonable to continue having in Flex.

   *) Compiling the "asdoc" to different locales
   *) Documentation on Meta-tags
   *) Binding
   *) Assets (Fonts!) loaded compiled through meta-data

Have there been discussions about this points in the haXe community?


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