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From Paul Hastings <>
Subject Re: Other locales for Flex SDK
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 08:13:40 GMT
On 2/21/2012 9:03 AM, Michael A. Labriola wrote:
>>> there's already a "global" locale resource here:
>> Thanks I was unaware of that, however I'm not exactly sure how it relates
>> to the Flex SDK resource files. Are you suggesting that the Flex SDK use
>> CLDR in some way? Or that we check that the existing resource files comply
>> with>CLDR?
> Believe the suggestion is that we check against CLDR.

yes, rather than relying on someone's opinion, CLDR is a more or less "official" 
global locale resource. if it's wrong then companies from apple to adobe are 
also wrong.

no, it won't help localizing resource bundles but it would be useful for 
date/time/currency/etc formats, a one-stop guide. if someone can point me to a 
definitive AS guide for these formats, i can probably knock out a small app to 
either produce the property files per locale from CLDR or check against CLDR.

last time i checked somebody at adobe held VP position in the unicode 
consortium, so hopefully flash's globalization bits & the CLDR aren't too far 
apart. looking at some of the globalization stuff (very nice i might add) such as:

sure seems like CLDR/ICU syntax (except for the locale ID, "ja-JP" instead of 
the more java like "ja_JP").

and just FYI, way back when (2008) someone made a stab at porting CLDR to AS3:

though the project seems to have dried up since.

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