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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: asdoc comments for flash player and SDK version numbers
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:01:58 GMT
On 2/16/2012 1:40 PM, Omar Gonzalez wrote:
> I don't think anyone is arguing about the usefulness of code comments.
> However there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of comments that are simply
> noise.
  Fair enough; if the comment communicates no value; I have no issues 
deleting it.

> All this kind of crap just makes it more difficult to read through code and
> provides little to no deeper of an understanding.
  I completely disagree; but to each their own.  Comments, even long 
ASDocs have never

> Take this from UIComponent:
> /**
> *  @private
> *  Holds the last recorded value of the x property.
> *  Used in dispatching a MoveEvent.
> */
> private var oldX:Number = 0;
> This could be written as:
> private var lastMoveEventValueForX:Number = 0;

  I would, personally, prefer the former version, as the comment more 
clearly explains what the variable is than the longer variable name.  I 
wouldn't complain about a combination of the two; using both the longer 
variable name and the comment.  But, I do disagree that the latter is 

> I just turned 6 lines in the source code to 1 and it still expresses
> exactly what its intention is.
  I disagree.

Jeffry Houser
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