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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: asdoc comments for flash player and SDK version numbers
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 13:49:10 GMT
This is true the same time as its problematic. If we keep the 
documentation in english up-to-date as
we code and the other languages get outdated then its a essential 
quality issue. Also having a completely
different workflow for english than the other languages pushes a little 
to ignoring the other languages.
(The documentation is available in english anyways).


On 16/02/2012 22:41, Carol Frampton wrote:
> I am totally against stripping out the asdoc.  Who do you think writes the
> asdoc?  We do.  It is just as important as the code.  If you strip it out
> it won't be kept current.  It should be part of any code review.
> Carol
> On 2/16/12 4 :15AM, "Omar Gonzalez"<>  wrote:
>>> Perhaps a script to strip out all comments and a way to create patches
>>> ignoring missing comments would be useful?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Justin
>> I'm not quire sure what you mean. The ideal solution would be to figure
>> out
>> a way to keep comments in such a way that the during development they're
>> not in our files but at release or at patch submission the proper
>> documentation is there.
>> --
>> Omar Gonzalez

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