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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: Flex white paper on ADC
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 09:14:07 GMT
Flex is an application framework and thus is always depending on its runtime
- especially if it should once run within HTML. Why assume something 

I think the Adobe guys will listen to enhancements of the Flash Player 
if enough
people speak out. And I guess if all the Apache members raise their 
uniform voice
Adobe will, at least, think about those things.

Flex has a lot of good things that other frameworks don't have. This 
power can be embraced.
There are a lot of things not related to the FlashPlayer than can and 
should be improved.

I don't think complaining helps.


On 16/02/2012 17:56, Sandeep Gupta wrote:
>> however, new features will not be added to the runtimes specifically to
> support the Apache project's efforts.
> Does this concern people?
> This may become one of the biggest bottlenecks in the development of Flex.
> Consider this: You cannot enhance the HTML control in Flex unless Adobe
> opens up
> the WebKit APIs in AIR - and as of now there are none. Stuck up! Ditto when
> you consider to enhance HTTP stack, or the handling of media formats, or
> addition of more native data structures.
> I believe till Apache has a say in features or does not move to other
> players like Tamarin/HTML5 or one of its own - the future of Flex will only
> be support and maintenance - except the addition/improvement of UI controls.
> A commonly mentioned workaround is to use using Native extensions - but
> then why one needs Flex.
> Sorry if I am being a pessimist here.
> Keep Walking,
> ~ Sandeep
> On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:36 AM, Ariel Jakobovits<>wrote:
>>> In the past, features were added to Flash Player and AIR specifically to
>> support the needs of Flex applications.
>> Can anyone point out some of these features?
>>> however, new features will not be added to the runtimes specifically to
>> support the Apache project's efforts.
>> Does this concern people?
>>> framework RSLs will not be cached globally by Flash Player, but rather
>> per domain in the web browser.
>> So from past discussions on the list about this, our response will be to
>> improve the size of our Flex downloads, correct?
>>> Design View, Data Centric Development tools, and Flash Catalyst
>> workflows will be removed in updated 4.x versions of Flash Builder.
>> Can we get these added to the Apache project as well?
>> Ariel Jakobovits
>> Email:
>> Phone: 650-690-2213
>> Fax: 650-641-0031
>> Cell: 650-823-8699
>> ________________________________
>> From: Alan Greenblatt<>
>> To: ""<>
>> Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 2:36 PM
>> Subject: Flex white paper on ADC
>> Hi all,
>> As promised, a white paper has been published on the ADC detailing Adobe's
>> view of Flex and its commitments to Flex in the future.  Hopefully this
>> should answer most if not all of your questions.
>> You can find the Flex whitepaper here:
>> Note that we will also be updating previous posts to point to the Flex
>> white paper.
>> We hope to see you all on the Flex User Group 2012 Tour, coming soon
>> (Boston tonight!) to a city near you.
>> Alan (not Allen!) Greenblatt
>> Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe

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