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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject [RT] Awesome FlexNext User Experience (was: Starting with the Whiteboard code)
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 16:00:16 GMT
Dear List,

it can be hard to find a vision for the next version of Flex. Developers 
like us like discussions about technical details and they are boring.

I think that is not enough! I think we need something that inspires us 
to create something new - something that makes us believe that the 
things created with Apache Flex are awesome.

We can make awesome things!

I propose following: Lets ask everyone who listens for user experience 
concepts - full or partial. Things that they could see Flex is going to 
so the PPMC get a better feeling how awesome they could be.

The proposals should be split in a few categories:

   *) _HTML/JS compatible:_ To compile mxmlc/AS3 -> html/js the concept 
has to work within the restrictions of HTML/JS with a optional royal 
look and feel when being built for Flash without breaking the system.

   *) _Flash super-powered:_ Systems that leverage the power of the 
current version of the Flash Player without thinking for a second about 
HTML: Stage 3D / HD videos / JPEG XR / Slick custom fonts / Pixelbender 
effects / (generated audio) / ...

   *) _Touch centric:_ Focussing on the fingers: 
Swipe/Zoom/Rotate/Expand/Swoosh/... These concepts don't need to care 
about a mouse or keyboard.

   *) _Fully portable:_ Interfaces flexible enough to be represented in 
the style of various Operation systems without neglecting our need for 
style. Awesome on Mac/iOS/Windows/Android with few adaptations.

Some rule-of-thumbs I can think of:

    * Responsiveness is key: The more stuff that has to run at a time 
the less likely it will rock.
    * All assets should be open-source: Don't build on royal fonts or 

What would you think of such a request? Is that something that the PPMC 
think is useful? Should we rock that?

Note: The various concepts should be presented in the Wiki.


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