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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: Starting with the Whiteboard Code
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 18:52:14 GMT
On 10/02/2012 03:26, Michael A. Labriola wrote:
> IMO, spark was a problem because it was forced to be evolutionary. I was involved in
the beginning of those decisions. I would have preferred spark be a complete rewrite based
on a new ideas as well. Unfortunately with the staffing that was being allocated, the timeline
to do so was prohibitive. I fear the same thing here.

I have seen/read/participated in a more than few projects that handled 
it the other way around. The problem with revolution and "lets start 
with a clean slate" is that it is fun at the beginning but at a certain 
point you start realizing how many things you forgot that were solve 
perfectly in the old system and it takes a long time to come to the same 
level again.

> Changes that make it better in a month are interesting. Changes that solve real pain
points that enterprises have today with using Flex might keep them on this framework and stop
them from switching away... which is what every major enterprise is weighing today for new
development. A theoretical rewrite that might make things better in the future requires 2
things: hope and faith. Adobe effectively abolished both of those qualities over the last
few months.

Honestly speaking: All of my clients ask me for HTML 5 and nobody for 
Flex. If you want to make them stick do nothing for the next twelve 
months but prepare the current code base to work on JavaScript. This way 
Flex might get public traction and a good image.

However there are two other strategies that could actually work:

1) A framework that produces awesome(in other words new!) experiences: 
Great design, super interactivity. Its enough if they are published like 
minimalcomps: without CSS or anything. Just so people see Apache Flex is 
coooooll and they want that on their device.
2) A framework that offers seamless integration in Windows 8, Android 
and iOS.

Both of these ways are sufficient as experiments to gain traction.

So: I saw a lot of designers participating in the Logo contest. I think 
that is our strength: How about a UI Next design&concept contest 
(without votes). It might bring us some publicity and actually good 
ideas of where the travel should go :) Whoever wants could start 
implementing the design either in Spark or Flex Next.

> I know we don't see things the same way, but a really great framework that runs on Flash
Player 1 or 2 years from today is totally useless to me. None of my clients will care or notice
because they won't be using this technology. My hope is that we can make changes that make
the 2 year time frame matter.
I totally agree: Lets take all the momentum we have got! It sounded like 
you have an concept of how you would see DI in Flex Next. It would be 
nice if you could write the important bits and pieces down in the wiki 
so we have something to talk about!


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