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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: Starting with the Whiteboard Code
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 15:20:52 GMT
On 08/02/2012 23:39, Michael A. Labriola wrote:
> I would argue its ubiquity. I don't know any advanced developer that 
> is excited about HTML/JS as a language. Those of us excited about it 
> are excited by its ubiquity and the capabilities of the VM, not the 
> language. 
Limitations are sometimes the interesting thing. The strict separation 
of data and logic is nowhere as celebrated and natural as in HTML & 
JavaScript. Even the representation of data is very, very natural. In 
the last year even the semantic web has gained traction. That is in my 
opinion a language combination that in its way is unchallenged.

> I have spent the last 8 years of my life teaching and trying to get 
> companies to adopt Flex. I saw it as a revolving door where people 
> came in and left. Although Adobe willfully ignored it, we already had 
> a huge problem converting someone new to intermediate. In my 
> experience, our retention rate was around 15% of people who started 
> and we had huge problems making the senior architects and developers 
> in a company want to work with this framework. That in turn made it 
> difficult to ever get adoption throughout. 

The biggest problem for me (and companies I was involved with) was its 
quality. There was no way to start low. I rather used minimal components 
because a 20kb swf just had a different impact than a 400kb swf. The 
"easyness of learning" was in total a smaller problem than the "bad 
result". The thinking often went like "Why should I study/use Flex if I 
can write this better by myself".

> Yep, that's why I think evolutionary change is better than 
> revolutionary change right now 

I agree: We have here a product called flex. If you create a 
revolutionary new system it shouldn't be called flex anymore, its 
marketing and documentation-wise a bad idea. People who used flex before 
will not be able to interact with the code ... generally not preferable.


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