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From João Saleiro <>
Subject Re: Creating Working Groups [Was: Apache Flex suggestion - dumping SWF support in favor of HTML5 - listen to Steve]
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 16:03:04 GMT

On 06-02-2012 15:44, Jonathan Campos wrote:
> Wouldn't that fit better in the whiteboard folder? Or maybe if we set up a
> wiki by whiteboard folder I would be okay with that. My issue is the
> "officialness" of a wiki saying "this is what we are doing in this way"

Yes, that's more or less a step towards of what I mean. A wiki per 
whiteboard folder would help. And when someone suggests having "feature 
X" added to Flex, either we explain how can that person create a 
whiteboard folder, or we indicate the url of the wiki of an existing 
whiteboard folder (instead of just answering  "I agree", "I disagree").
I think there should be a base structure for each wiki, that indicates 
motivation for that feature, short roadmap, people involved, etc.

And I completely agree with your concerns of the "officialness" of a 
wiki. We should list existing initiatives, but they cannot be 
communicated them as "official" directions.

João Saleiro

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