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From João Saleiro <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Logo Choices
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:54:21 GMT
I like any version of the logo as long as it is reasonable (and they all 
are) and I don't really care it makes me remember X, or Y, or whatever, 
because anything you create today makes you remember something else that 
already exists. So this can turn into a never-ending discussion that 
will lead nowhere.

I know that the logo is important, but why don't we stop trying to make 
it perfect and just move ahead with what we got? With so many things to 
do, and we're wasting so much energy in something that is actually not 
that important. I can imagine many people here are already very tired of 
this logo discussion. Let's just remember that we're dragging this 
discussion for at least two weeks...

We are going to have many other discussions on the future. For this 
community to work, before hitting the send button people have to think 
twice and evaluate whether the email they're sending is really valuable 
or if it's only going to create more noise and discussion. Why don't we 
focus on the next steps ?

João Saleiro

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