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From Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex logo colors
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 19:25:31 GMT
W dniu 2012-02-02 20:10, Jeffry Houser pisze:
>  I, personally, am all for a discussion before making decisions. I can 
> understand why some may be sick of the "logo" topic.
> On 2/2/2012 1:50 PM, Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective wrote:
>> I see one problem with that and I've already wrote that before. 
>> Apache Flex as a brand is not defined yet. 
>  I thought we kind of did that as part of the original "RFP" for the 
> logo contest; but I don't see the original RFP on the site but my 
> email had this from an early draft:
> [start quote]
> While designing the logo, keep in mind what describes Flex:
> - User Experience
> - Ubiquity / Cross-platform
> - Enterprise
> - Community Driven
> [end quote]
>  I assume it ended up in the final contest in a similar form.  Apache 
> Flex as a brand should stand for Good User Experience, Cross Platform 
> Flexibility, Enterprise Stability, and Community Participation.
>  That is the context we gave to designers to help then design a logo.  
> If we were to ask people to evaluate logo options; I would give people 
> the same context.
For me it was just a starting point. There were a couple of things 
missing. Should Flex focus just on enterprise segment and go on with 
that message? I'm assuming everyone want it to be flexible and 
lightweight framework and with that in mind should we focus just on 
enterprise or maybe think about smaller applications and mobile too? To 
whom we are targeting the logo? To corporate decision makers or to 
developers/community who will be working with it day to day or maybe 
both. This are the things just at the top of my head...

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