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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex logo colors
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 19:10:55 GMT

  I, personally, am all for a discussion before making decisions. I can 
understand why some may be sick of the "logo" topic.

On 2/2/2012 1:50 PM, Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective wrote:
> I see one problem with that and I've already wrote that before. Apache 
> Flex as a brand is not defined yet. 

  I thought we kind of did that as part of the original "RFP" for the 
logo contest; but I don't see the original RFP on the site but my email 
had this from an early draft:

[start quote]

While designing the logo, keep in mind what describes Flex:

- User Experience
- Ubiquity / Cross-platform
- Enterprise
- Community Driven
[end quote]

  I assume it ended up in the final contest in a similar form.  Apache 
Flex as a brand should stand for Good User Experience, Cross Platform 
Flexibility, Enterprise Stability, and Community Participation.

  That is the context we gave to designers to help then design a logo.  
If we were to ask people to evaluate logo options; I would give people 
the same context.

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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Part of the DotComIt Brain Trust

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