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From Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex logo colors
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 18:50:58 GMT
W dniu 2012-02-02 18:31, Amine Rahmouni pisze:
> probably this will not please lot of people but IMHO, I think we should
> discuss this further and take our time, thanks a lot for the work you’re
> doing fuse, but can we just have a second thought on that please? we
> shouldn't run to the vote that quick or even be afraid from thinking about
> other options.
> I've worked long enough in the Advertising industry to know how much the
> Logo is important, everyone knows that but it's really more crucial than we
> imagine, and this level of decisions is actually harder than choosing the
> logo proposition itself.
> I've also been there long enough to know that the appreciation is very
> subjective and we may miss a lot of angles because we're blinded most of
> the time by the first impression flash (ironic I know), but in the other
> hand and beyond the artistry there are a lot of rules and conventions to
> enhance the appreciation and evaluate it, especially when the marketing
> comes to make things more complicated cause the strategy is pretty delicate
> as it concerns a product that is in some kind of crisis and have things to
> prove and a particular image to reflect as this logo could seem renaissance
> as well as a desperate last shot!!
> here is my suggestion now, may take some time and may seem complicated but
> here it is anyway
> the email format is scattering the ideas too much and some good points are
> getting lost in the noise
> so what if some Art or Creative Directors from the community made an
> argumentary for both options with pros and cons? (from an AD POV) some sort
> of a document (shared Google Doc maybe?) that we'll enrich to get most of
> the angles and have a bigger picture with a more wise POV
> and I'm sure there will be a lot of aha moments and thoughts like, "I
> didn't see that one, but know that you're pointing it out! well .....?"
> so pleeeeeeeease logo is in fact big deal and we should take enough time to
> make decisions
> and again thanks Fuse for all the good job
I see one problem with that and I've already wrote that before. Apache 
Flex as a brand is not defined yet. There is no clear vision for what 
"new" apache flex will be, what message "Apache Flex" brand should carry 
and how we want it to be perceived. One logo could be great in one 
context but completely wrong for the other. Asking Art or Creative 
Directors to provide opinion without that context won't be very 
effective since it will be very subjective. They will answer if they 
like it or not but I don't think they would be right focus group in this 
case simply because they probably aren't  the target group. Anyway this 
kind decision should be definitely made by PPMC.

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