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From Tomislav Pokrajcic <>
Subject Re: [Native Extension] Interval/Polling response from C to AIR
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2012 15:42:37 GMT
we made an AIR app that visualizes velocity and position of some high speed motors by using
ANE written in C. 
There are PLC and manufacturer provided dll libs involved, but the general principle is that
there's a C++ code that creates a monitoring thread when ANE calls its run(params) function.
We poll data from AIR in 20ms intervals and it works pretty nice.
When AIR app closes, it calls ANE function that tells C++ class to clean up memory and close
monitoring thread. 
I wasn't involved in writing C++ code and can't tell give you a code snippet for running monitoring
thread but I hope this description helped you a bit.


tomislav @ iPhone

On 11. 2. 2012., at 14:11, James Ong <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm have been experimenting on Native Extension by invoke some C function
> from AIR application, example "Hello World return from C" was output
> on the application.
> In other way, have anyone tried this experiment:
> AIR <- Native Extension <- C
> An example, the function in C will detect when a musician depress a MIDI
> keyboard, in turn, will capture the key and invoke Native Extension so
> it will output to the application. As it will be difficult to use MIDI code
> for a start, shall anyone know how to create a "windows process" when an AIR
> app is launch and will monitoring any response from a computer keyboard (In
> this example, we will not using AS3 to capture the keyboard events)?
> Thanks.

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