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From Espen Skogen <>
Subject Rsl style loading of dependencies from a module
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 22:22:09 GMT
> Hi Michael.
> The use case is this: in a large enterprise app I may not be in
> control of the application itself, but merely be in control of my
> module which gets loaded on demand in the app.
> If I compile my module with dependencies configured to rsl, it will
> have no effect, since the module hasn't got a bootstrap phase where
> the rsls can be loaded. I want to be able to declare my dependencies
> in the module, and have those loaded at runtime rather than being
> merged in. More importantly, if the application itself already has the
> dependency in question in the app domain, no loading is necessary.
> So the idea is to remove the need for the app to know of all the
> dependencies a module might have, and let the module itself trigger
> the load if it's not already loaded.
> You could expand on it to include an ability to traverse the
> dependency tree of itself and all its dependencies to ensure the most
> efficient runtime loading of dependencies - I've played a bit with
> that sort of idea in the past.
> E:)
> Sent from my iPad

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