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From Arturo Alvarado <>
Subject Re: Can Adobe kill Apache Flex
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 21:30:29 GMT

>>  Arturo Alvarado

> > Yes, and so can Intel decide to make a new processor line that breaks all versions
of Windows and MacOS.
> Yes, but you can delay that affecting you by not buying a new computer. I still run Windows
XP on an old laptop, for example.

> But Adobe can automatically update everyone's Flash Player and break every Flex app out
there almost overnight.
> Ariel Jakobovits

Actually, no, they can't. Currently, Flash Player AutoUpdate is an Op-in option.  It is not
mandatory, so, you can run your Flash Player 11.1 for a long as you want, just as you can
run Windows XP on that 'ol laptop.  So even if future versions of Flash player made updating
mandatory, the current versions are not, so all you need is a current version installer and
you can run your 11.1 Flash Player for as long as you want, which runs the Flex 4.6 content
just fine.

Arturo Alvarado

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