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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (FLEX-15) Change build script to download specified version of playerglobal.swc
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 08:31:21 GMT

Flex-confg.xml has hard coded the Flash version number and the swf version number. This file
is included by build_framework.xml.

The hard coded Flash version number can be easily fixed by changing this (around line 22):

The hard coded swf version is a little harder to fix. The only way I see around it is to have
a flex-config.xml for each version eg a flex-configXX.Y.xml were XX.Y is one of 10.2,10.3,11.0,11.1
and 11.2  and change the build_framework.xml to include the correct version like so (around
line 323):
<load-config filename="${basedir}/flex-config${playerglobal.version}.xml"/>
instead of
<load-config filename="${basedir}/flex-config.xml"/>

If the extra dot in the file name offends anyone it can be changed to a "-" or a "_".

Does anyone have any other ideas? It does seem to duplicate a lot of information

I'm fairly certain teh swf version which correspond to the Flash Player version are:
Flash Player 10.2 = swf version 11
Flash Player 10.3 = swf version 12
Flash Player 11.0 = swf version 13
Flash Player 11.1 = swf version 14
Flash Player 11.2 = swf version 15

Anyone know anything different re swf version number vs flash player numbers?

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