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From "Dimitri k." <>
Subject Re: Early access to Falcon compiler
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 10:55:06 GMT
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From: "Dimitri k."
> At the Paris Flex meeting, I spoke with Thibault Imbert, who is Senior 
> Runtimes product manager , about the fact that the Apache Flex project 
> would
> really benefit from having some kind of early access to the new Falcon 
> compiler, at least to undestand it and to have to opportunity to think 
> about what
> we will have to do after the donation for the MXML and HTML/JS part, and 
> to help the project momentum by not waiting to 2013 to start working on 
> it.
> Thibault was really interested about this feedback, and quite open to 
> discuss what could possibly be done before the full donation in order to 
> help us move the projects forward.

To follow up, I did speak to Thibault again yesterday at the Flash Paris 
He said that he understand our needs and he will see what can possibly be 
done before the donation to help us prepare the next steps (MXML and HTML/JS 
As Alex told us, he is of course concerned about the implication in term of 
delay, because Falcon is not only on a tight schedule, but also a 
cornerstone of lots of the things Adobe is preparing for Flash, but he said 
that he will contact the person in charge of Adobe open-source effort to see 
what can be done without compromising Adobe schedule, like a close 
prerelease program for example.

One thing that I really try to convey is the fact that every little step 
could help the Apache Flex project momentum, that we understand Adobe 
priorities around deadlines but we try to avoid an all or nothing situation.

So we have to wait to hear more about this, but at least things are going in 
the right direction I think.

Dimitri K.

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