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From David Arno <>
Subject Project Goshawk [was Time for an Apache Flex compiler.]
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:01:57 GMT
As there was some positive feedback to the idea of creating our own
compiler, I have gone ahead and started a new project on Github and
created an initial design document on how I think it might work. I've
taken the liberty of giving it the code name "Goshawk." If you are
curious as to why, google for details on animals that predate upon
falcons ;)

You can take a read up on my ideas so far at
compiler initial ideas.pdf?raw=true (shortform:

the project is should you feel the
urge to fork it and help out.

Obviously, as per the mentors' request recently, whilst it makes sense
to experiment with this compiler on Github, we need to keep discussions
happening here. Perhaps we could prefix topics with [Goshawk]? That way
those that wish to concentrate on making the framework better, rather
than upon side projects like this, can filter out our discussions.

For anyone wanting to get involved, but is unsure where to start, you
could do worse than head over to and get
reading :)


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