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From Tink <>
Subject Re: Port some mobile components to web
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:39:13 GMT
Hi Haykel

I have some navigators in my whiteboard space as a proposal for web navigators with examples.

 You can use the 'mobile' component's on web as long as you include the SWC. Why a lot of
them were put in a mobile specific SWC I don't know, but moving them ans creating some MXML
based skins for them is something I'm interested in doing if the rest of the team agree.


Haykel BEN JEMIA <> wrote:

>I would suggest to port some of the mobile components to make them usable
>in web applications, especially the view navigators and some of the new
>tablet components (callouts would be cool). I know it is possible to use
>some of them in desktop applications, but why were they implemented for
>mobile only in the first place and why they are not available for web?
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