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From Tink <>
Subject Re: Feature Suggestion | Component Cloning
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 07:47:47 GMT
TBH this isnt an issue for me when building RIAs (maybe for games), but if I remember correctly,
and if nothing has changed, this is a player issue in that you can't clone a DisplayObject.


saurabh jain <> wrote:

>One of the issues that has stuck me many times is ui component cloning.
>The current flex sdk provides functionality to clone an object but not a
>I know there is a way to do that using CreateComponentFromDescriptor but it
>does not server the entire purpose  and is not straight forward.
>I think the sdk should by default provide a Utility to create a replica of
>a existing component. I personally feel this should be the part of the sdk
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