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From Alex Harui <>
Subject RE: [OT] Atlassian
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2012 06:31:12 GMT
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> From: jude []
> Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 1:05 PM
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> Subject: Re: [OT] Atlassian
> The Flash Player is unique in that it creates markets. When Adobe or
> Macromedia added webcam support all of a sudden video chat applications
> are
> possible, QR code readers are made possible, augmented reality is made
> possible, face recognition is made possible, motion tracking is made
> possible, etc. (add "on a mass scale" to all of these things.)
> When they added microphone support speech to text is made possible,
> podcast
> applications are made possible, voip are made possible, live digital
> audio
> software is made possible.
> When they added video decoding support movies and television content
> were
> made possible.
> At each of these points in time Adobe had a potential opportunity.
> Think of
> all the businesses that exist because of these features. Theoretically
> speaking they could have made a Skype (and still can), they could and
> can
> make a Google Voice, they could and can make an iTunes.
There is a difference between selling apps and frameworks.  As you are saying, you can make
some killer apps with Flash.  But why should those apps share their revenue with the framework
team?  I'd bet that if all Flex developers shared more of their revenue with Adobe, we might
not be where we are today.
> If I was trying to make Flash profitable I would have someone on the
> Flash
> Player and Flex SDK feature releases and forums and watch for and
> promote
> new projects using their new features. Then I'd invest in those
> developers
> and companies and do everything I can to make them successful. As the
> developers and companies are successful, Adobe would be successful too.
> They'd also have a continual insight into the features and needs for
> their
> design and developer tools. Alex, I'll available immediately for this
> position ;)
I think Adobe did try to connect with those developers and companies and tried to make them
successful.  If you want to do that on behalf of the Apache Flex podling, I don't think anyone
will stop you, as long as you don't use your old handle (ddfdt) :-)

IMHO, one of the gotchas in Flex was our focus on enterprise intranet applications.  We allowed
that to discount the importance of swf size and thus made it hard for folks to make great
apps that everyone could use and talk about.  The Showcase had screenshots, not links to apps.
 Or if there was a link, you'd be staring at the preloader for way too long.  I have some
prototypes where this isn't the case.  As I've been writing a Flex app to handle porting JIRA
bugs, I've been thinking that a Flex-based JIRA client would be a great test-bed for my whiteboard
next-gen framework.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Developer
Adobe Systems Inc.

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